Zipe for world domination

We know why we ride and we will keep on doing it.

Whether it´s improving the connection between helmets and goggles or developing more sustainable methods to keep riders safe,
we know what it takes to get it done.

Since day one, we´ve charged ahead to innovate and give as much back to action sports as we gotten out of it.
We answer to no one but the riders and support everything we do with the quality and service that shops and riders have grown to expect.

The new season is here and so is the next technical evolution, it´s time to gear up and feel the difference.
We know why we ride, and we will keep on doing it!

we love what we do



All of us that have a passion in life have one thing in common: we love what we do. Whether it’s snowy mountains, to throw yourself off a cliff in a wingsuite, skate some rails or just hang out on the beach.

That passion gives us a drive to constantly look for new challenges and excitements of everyday life. A desire to evolve and find new places in the world that can give us what we seek. It can be in the park, on the mountain, on the beach or at the nightclub.

We call it Zipeism and this is our religion
Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr.Zipe!





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