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Dr Zipe


Scandinavian design at its best! In all respects, Dr.Zipe has a very high design factor and this permeates the brand, down to the minutest detail. Design differs strongly from other brands by adding an unprecedented level of attitude and value. Goggle frames decorated with studs and bling. Printed straps. Interchangeable lenses in different colors and patterns. The list of design elements goes on and on. Attitude screams from every detail and accessory.


Dr.Zipe consistently maintains a high level of quality and finish. The products are planned in the smallest detail. Quality is a crucial part of the brand concept, and permeates everything manufactured and sold under the Dr.Zipe brand. The Dr.Zipe range consists of carefully developed and quality-assured products, all of which meet the appropriate requirements and standards.


Dr.Zipe’s attractive pricing, combined with the product quality and flexibility offered by lenses and other accessories provide consumers with unbeatable value. Dr.Zipe goggles have many valuable features, including variable ventilation, adjustable sideclips, replaceable lenses etc. These properties, along with a broad range of accessories such as extra lenses, head bolts and straps, ensure unrivaled value for consumers.