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Wonderful world of Dr.Zipe's

Dr.Zipe is based on a completely unique brand concept that stands out from the crowd. Unique products together with a unique concept around marketing communication have resulted in the brand being respected and liked in circles by families as well as extreme skiers.

The design of the products is also unique in many ways. Design has become a trademark for Dr.Zipe products and differs greatly from other brands by adding more attitude. Decorated goggles with rivets and skulls were seen as something completely new and fresh when Dr.Zipe was launched on the market 2006. Since then, no other goggle brand has been as strong in the mid-price segment as Dr.Zipe has been and is today. Perhaps it's not so surprising that Dr.Zipe became the Swedish Sports Brand of the Year after only one year on the market! 

Goggles are the main product of the brand, but in recent years Dr.Zipe has also come to include freeride helmets and sunglasses. Products that fall naturally within the product portfolio and area of competence of protection and security.

All products in Dr.Zipe maintain high quality, design and function. What further makes the brand so unique is that both origin and design are completely Swedish! The design language is unique but at the same time universal in such a way that Dr.Zipe goggles fit together with many helmet brands on the market. All goggles are CE approved and meet the quality and safety requirements.

The target group for Dr.Zipe is mainly girls and boys aged 12-30. But the goggle collection is very broad and includes goggles for all ages and faces. We have succeeded in something very unique with Dr. Zipe's positioning, namely to attract both elite skiers who demand the best and parents who wish to buy goggles for the whole family.