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Espen Fadnes

Basejumping Espen Fadnes


When did your addiction start? 

I took a skydive course when I turned 20 years. Never looked back!

To whom did you look up to when you started? 
No one. I had no clue what I was about to get into. My sport had few people to look up to back then. Or they were there, but you would need to look them up from the inside of the community.

What is your favorite trick? 
Ha ha ha. Hm. Its called a Snake. I carve through air in a hard turn on my back then switching direction by doing a half barrel roll and then go the other direction. Mad cool stuff and hard to understand without a geeky amount of airtime. 

Your favorite country/region for skiing, speed riding and flying?
So, as a skier and speed rider. Chamonix or Cham as the seasoners call it. For flying Id have to say Norwegian west coast. Nothing like a closer look at water falls while there is a fjord below.

Who are your favorite riders to hang out with? 
Well, again, Im doing this weirdo flying sport. My best friend is Jokke Sommer. We fly together. His like my crazy little brother.

What do you do besides flying, skiing and speed riding? 
Not much. It pretty much fills my time. Im a full time professional. I write a lot of emails, and try to update social media profiles. Im single and I like to hook up with girls. Yeah, thats something I do besides my hobbies. Hm...it actually happens more when I do my action sport thing. I should obviously stick to what I know.

Best music to shred along to? 
I never listen to music while flying, speed riding, skiing. I like the sound of air. Thats my shredding music.

One person you want to shred with (dead or alive): 
My father. His my friend, and big idol in all outdoor sports. And his way smarter than me.