The Zipe Story


Dr. Zipe first saw the light of day at the ISPO fair back in January 2006. It made a splash, but to understand why, you need to get a handle on how and why it was created in the first place. Basically, why would you want to start up your own brand of goggles? The question is: why not? We had a chance to do something new and revolutionary building on 15 years of know-how - a chance to design, produce and market a unique goggle brand to the world. We wanted to wow everyone, and we did. If it feels right, it probably is right.

Birth of the doctor

We had the tools. We had the experience. All we needed was a concept. One dark and stormy night, Jan Jonsson, CEO of Future Eyewear Group Sweden AB, and Daniel Oikari, the former marketing director, sat down at the Traders Vic's bar in Munich to brainstorm. And Dr. Zipe dropped straight into their laps. Dr. Zipe was originally born as Dr. Funk, named for a particularly dangerous drink at Traders Vic's. His name was later changed to Dr. Zipe to further separate the brand from anything already on the market. And the rest would follow: the Institute, Zipenoidism and the first characters in the Dr. Zipe saga.

The road to ISPO 2006

The idea was simple. Dr. Zipe would never be marketed using images of snow, skiers or alpine environments. Instead, we would focus on Dr. Zipe, the Institute and the characters. We would create the best mix imaginable of high quality, comfort and function adding, of course, the groundbreaking design, today a bit of a trademark for Dr. Zipe products. The very first Dr. Zipe goggle, Mistress, made its debut at the ISPO 2006 fair in Munich. The marketing was aggressive, innovative and very different from most other brands present.

Numerous features made it great: flexible sideclips, changeable straps and the possibility of pimping your goggle with stylish head bolts… anything goes.

Rocket to the stars

That same winter, Dr. Zipe was let loose in shops all around the Nordic region. The result? One of the fastest selling brands in Swedish sports industry. At ISPO 2008, another goggle was introduced: Escort, featuring a slightly smaller frame. A year later, the first junior goggle, Wee Man, was launched. In 2011 we added Pimp to the family.

The main target groups for Dr. Zipe was always young freeride skiers and snowboarders. Since the beginning however, Dr. Zipe has sold well to a wide variety of consumers. You can be pro or amateur, but in the end it's about the sport, the slopes, the skis. You buy Dr. Zipe not only because it's new and appealing - you buy it because you love the lifestyle.

Sponsoring programs and Brand Of The Year To promote the brand, Dr. Zipe sponsors a number of talented young skiers, from local heroes to international stars. On our website you'll find a number of Institute patients who have succumbed to Zipenoidism… Sales numbers show that Dr. Zipe is a very successful brand. It has in fact become famous, especially on the Swedish market. In 2008, Dr. Zipe received the title "Swedish Brand of the Year 2007", winning over brands like Crocs and Peak Performance.

So welcome to the wonderful world of Dr. Zipe.
Come for the excitement, stay for the utter madness.

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