Social and Environment

Although living on Planet Zipe in a galaxy far far away Dr. Zipe also recognizes itself as a member of the community on planet Earth and takes his responsibility seriously.
We are members of BSCI which is an international group of companies like ourselves who value good ethics. We actively ensure that our suppliers follow the rules in regards to i.e salaries, work environment, protection, health, working hours and child labour.

Read more about the work BSCI is doing here. 

Perhaps you've noticed a symbol with arrows going back and forth on our packages. The Zipenoids living on Planet Zipe are crazy about the environment and had the Doctor promise to make all packages recyclable, otherwise he would not be invited to their yearly folk dance festival. Said and done. All packages are made from 100 % recyclable carton and is printed in ecofriendly colours.

One more thing! For the chemicals we use in our products we follow "Reach" which is the rules set by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). 

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