Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: Who is Dr. Zipe?

    A: He is everywhere...and yet nowhere. He is the sun...who are we kidding, he is the man the myth - he IS Dr. Zipe!

  • Q: When do I know I have Zipenoidism?

    A: When you wake up in the middle of the night, going to the bathroom, look yourself in the mirror and realize you're still wearing your goggles.

  • Q: How do I cure Zipenodism?

    A: You can't.

  • Q: What products does Dr. Zipe sell?

    A: Snow goggles, helmets, furry hats, brown hats, sunglasses with skulls on them, smoked salmon, travels to the moon (one-way-only), sunglasses with flowers on them...

  • Q: What goggle should I choose?

    A: Anyone with the name Dr. Zipe on it and with a colour that matches the mood of your reindeer. Also choose a goggle that fits the size of your face for optimal comfort. For example Wee Man fits kids and smaller faces while Pimp fits "standard" faces.

  • Q: How do I choose between different lenses?

    A: On all product pages there is a guide for what lens you should choose depending on weather conditions.

  • Q: What is the top reason for buying a Dr. Zipe goggle?

    A: Being awesome.

  • Q: Can I change lenses on my goggle?

    A: Yes my love!

  • Q: Can I regulate ventilation on my goggle?

    A: Yes all our goggles have adjustable ventilation.

  • Q: Are Dr. Zipe products CE certified?

    A: Yes all Dr. Zipe products are fully CE certified.

  • Q: Where can I buy Zipe products?

    A: Everywhere! You can find our products both online and offline in many countries. You can search for a store near you in our store locator that you can find on the start- and productpage.

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